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Romantic Gift Ideas & Valentines Day Gifts

Surprise your wife, husband, or loved one with the unique, creative, and romantic gift ideas below. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, Valentines Day, Christmas, or other holiday, these romantic gift ideas are sure to add fun and enjoyment to your special occasion. Why not combine several of the ideas below... how about a home-cooked candlelight dinner with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Follow up with an aromatic bath, nice massage, and then snuggle to a romantic movie... sounds wonderful! For additional gift ideas and gift shops, be sure to browse our other categories with the links on the right.
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Chocolates & Sweets
How about a sweet for your sweet? Send an assortment of fine chocolates and/ or candies with a romantic note attached.
Shop for Chocolates & Sweets at zChocolate.com
Choose from some of the finest chocolates in the world that most people will love, whether you send a pre-arranged box or one filled with your own choices.

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Bouquet of Roses
Surprise your loved one and send a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers or roses to them at work or at home.
Shop for Bouquet of Roses at FTD.com
Send flowers around the world for all occasions with FTD, the most trusted sources of flower deliveries.

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Perfume or Cologne
The sense of smell is a powerful aphrodesiac. Buy your sweetheart a bottle of their favorite perfume or cologne.
Shop for Perfume or Cologne at Love Scent Pheromone
Pheromone fragrances and colognes to attract that special someone. Click here and enter "Indep12" at check-out for 30% off your order (excludes combos). Expires 7/31/2012

... more online perfume and fragrance stores

Romantic Getaway
Take a romantic vacation together. Go somewhere exciting for the weekend, on a cruise, or take a trip to a tropical resort.
Shop for Romantic Getaway at Expedia
They offer great airfare deals and can try and save you money through their PriceMatcher service. Easily search for flights during non-peak hours to save you money or search for flights within your specifications.

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Romantic Music
Set the mood with a romantic CD, buy tickets to your loved one's favorite performer, or go to the theater or a Broadway show.
Shop for Romantic Music at CD Universe
Excellent selection and prices on CD's and cassettes in all genres from pop to country to world imports from this terrific online music and movie superstore.

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Romantic Movie
After a nice dinner, why not snuggle to your favorite romantic movie? Rent or buy "When Harry Met Sally", "Casablanca", or go out to a current movie.
Shop for Romantic Movie at Video Universe
Great selection of movies on vhs and dvd movies in all categories from this terrific online music and movie superstore. They have almost any movie you're looking for at everyday low prices.

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Candelight Dinner
Go out to your favorite restaurant or make a romantic gourmet dinner at home. Be sure to set the mood with candles and soft music!
Shop for Candelight Dinner at Omaha Steaks
Buy all of your beef, poultry, seafood and other gourmet foods online and have it shipped right to your home. They can help you find some of the best cuts and selections at very reasonable prices. Click here for 4 free Omaha Steaks Burgers and 4 free Gourmet Jumbo Franks. Expires 9/30/2012

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Love Notes
Say "I Love You" in your own special way. Write a romantic card or note and mail it or leave it somewhere it will be found during the day by your sweetie.
Shop for Love Notes at E-Kiss
Not cards... kisses! Send an electronic kiss to someone special.

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Romantic Poems
Buy a poetry book and read your Valentine a romantic poem. If you're talented enough, write your own love poetry!
Shop for Romantic Poems at Barnes & Noble Books
Shop online at one of the nation's largest book stores. Search their huge selection, read or write a review, pre-order new releases, and more. Click here for free shipping on most orders over $25 (see site for details & restrictions).

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One of the most popular Valentines or romantic gift ideas for centuries! Show your love with fine jewelry, perhaps a pair of diamond earrings, birthstone ring, watch or gold necklace.
Shop for Jewelry at Limoges Jewelry
Terrific selection of inexpensive jewelry for everyone and any occasion at this popular online jeweler. Click here and enter "LIMOGES12" at check-out for 20% off your jewelry order. Expires 12/30/2012

... more online jewelry stores

Create a romantic mood with an assortment of candles spread throughout the room or light an aromatherapy candle to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.
Shop for Candles at Discount Candle Shop
An online discount candle store with thousands of quality candles, floating candles, votives, tapers, pillars, special event candles and lots of candle holders at a steep discount. Click here for free shipping on most orders over $50.

... more online candle stores

A Precious Moments figurine or other fine collectible is sure to be cherished for a lifetime.
Shop for Collectibles at The Bradford Exchange
They carry almost anything that people collect including collectible dolls, figurines, music boxes, jewelry and more. Search by collectible category or by brand to find those items you've been looking for and can't find anywhere else.

... more online collectibles and memorabilia stores

Specialty Gifts
Find unique specialty gifts for someone special, from creative flowers and bath & body products to specialty jewelry and other creative romantic gifts.
Shop for Specialty Gifts at RomanceHer.com
Terrific selection of unique and creative romantic gifts for women. A great place for those who have trouble find ideas, or for that special someone who's hard to buy for.

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Give someone a watch that highlights their unique style, accessorizes an outfit, or to give them a hint that they're always late :) A great gift idea that can be enjoyed every day.
Shop for Watches at Princeton Watches
Top brands of watches at discounted prices, including Citizen, Seiko, Swiss Army and many more. Click here for free shipping on all orders.

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